DELICIOUS PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE BOWL RECIPE | How To Make Pumpkin Smoothie Bowls + Top 5 Pumpkin Benefits

This is how to make a healthy pumpkin smoothie that tastes like pumpkin pie in a bowl! Only 6 ingredients in this pumpkin smoothie bowl recipe. Thick & creamy, but contains no dairy or bananas. High in protein too! You can make it paleo by using egg protein powder, or vegan by using rice or pea protein. We topped it with coconut shreds & pumpkin seeds. What will you top it with?

Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:

1/2 C Pumpkin Puree (unsweetened)
1 Tbsp Cashew Butter (can sub any nut butter)
1 Scoop Max's Best Bootcamp Protein Powder (or fave brand)
8-10 Ice Cubes
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Top 5 Pumpkin Benefits For Good Health: 

1. Improves Vision, Skin, Nails (High in vitamin A)
2. Workout Recovery (More potassium than bananas)
3. Powerful Antioxidant (Rich in beta-carotene)
4. Good Fiber Source (4g per 1/2 cup serving)
5. Slow Burning Carbohydrate (6 net carbs per 1/2 cup serving)

How else do you use pumpkins?