These are the best TRX legs exercises for strong a lower body! Sculpt your glutes, hamstrings, thighs & quads with these 15 best suspension training exercises for legs. In this video, we're using the WOSS suspension trainer, but you can use the TRX, Olympic Rings, Jungle Gym, or any other trainers that you have access to. Here's a list of the moves to add into your trx leg workouts & the exact model we're using:

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1. Sprinter Start
2. Plyo Squat
3. Pistol Squat
4. Plyo Lunges
5. Floating Lunge
6. Floating Lunge + Knee Drive
7. Crossbacks
8. Crossback + Knee Drive
9. Crossback + Pistol
10. Foot Cradle Lunges
11. Plyo Foot Cradle Lunge
12. TRX Glute Bridge
13. 1-Leg Glute Bridges
14. Hamstring Curls
15. Reverse Climbers

We recommend that you choose a handful of these moves & perform them for 30-60 seconds each, 3-5 rounds. Your legs will be on fire! 🔥 Which ones are your favorite?

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~ Max