Whole Foods Market tour, where you will learn how to shop for weight loss & optimum health. Understand which foods and grocery products are best, when on a weight loss diet. This is episode 2 in a 5 part video series, created by Max's Best Bootcamp & Whole Foods Market. This episode focuses on the best protein sources, in the Danbury CT store. Sources of protein like meat, chicken & fish can all work well for losing weight, but there are advantages & disadvantages to some proteins over others. We break it down for you!


When you start with a high quality piece of fish (or any other whole food) you don't need to do much to it, for it to taste amazing. While some fish, like salmon, is higher in calories that tilapia, they're both great protein sources for weight loss & optimum health. One serving per meal is ideal, which is about the size of your smart phone. Before you plan which one you buy, be sure to ask your fish monger what's fresh that day! He or she will be proud to tell you what's freshest & also share with you exact tips on how to cook them, too.


If you haven't had a nice steak in a while, you may want to reconsider. Many of our new clients say that they've stopped eating red meat, because "it's bad." Well, that's been debunked. If the animal is healthy, then they're healthy to consume. Conventional meat (of all varieties) is an unhealthy animal, so we don't recommend supporting it. Instead, look for local, pasture raised & grass-fed beef. They're beautifully healthy animals, that eat only grass their whole life & are never pumped with antibiotics or hormones. Local is always best, too!

But isn't red meat high in calories? Relative to chicken breast, yes. In general, beef is about 50-60 calories per ounce VS. chicken breast which is about 40 calories per ounce. So, as long as you potion your servings properly, it's all good! Plus, there's a thermogenic effect when you consume protein...meaning your body will rev up to burn calories, just to consume it. This is less true with carbohydrates & fats. I usually get the grass-fed ground beef here. Would you want me to make a post on how I meal prep protein?


If you're like most people when dieting, you eat nothing but chicken breast. Venture out people, haha! Don't get me wrong, it's a great protein source, but it's pretty bland & not that much different calorically from thighs or legs. Barring skin, it's about 5-10 calories per ounce. Either way, when buying chicken, be sure to look out for local & free-range/pasture raised sources. Here's a great recipe that my friend Alicia & I came up with that's absolutely delicious...

We hope you found these weight loss tips helpful! What other questions do you have about protein sources? 

Many people think they can out train a bad diet. That won't work. We will create a meal plan that super simple, will get you instant results, and will allow you to keep the weight off for good! Used best in conjunction with a proper fitness program. Come try a complimentary workout with us, if you're in the Danbury CT area.

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