These are the Super Bowl food facts for 2017 - How many of these superbowl foods do we actually eat? Here's the official list of food quantities consumed on Super Bowl Sunday this year:

1.33 billion chicken wings - all day 🍗
200 million pounds of avocado - all day
28 million pounds of potato chips - during game
12 tons of ultimate nachos - at AT&T Stadium
8 million pounds of popcorn - during game
12 million slices of pizza - Domino's alone 🍕
50 million cases of beer - all day

Here's how to watch SuperBowl LI if you don't have cable - CNET

With temptation from all of the superbowl foods around you this year, will you keep it clean or are you going to break your diet?

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These are the best TRX legs exercises for strong a lower body! Sculpt your glutes, hamstrings, thighs & quads with these 15 best suspension training exercises for legs. In this video, we're using the WOSS suspension trainer, but you can use the TRX, Olympic Rings, Jungle Gym, or any other trainers that you have access to. Here's a list of the moves to add into your trx leg workouts & the exact model we're using:

WOSS Titan Model 75% cheaper than TRX

1. Sprinter Start
2. Plyo Squat
3. Pistol Squat
4. Plyo Lunges
5. Floating Lunge
6. Floating Lunge + Knee Drive
7. Crossbacks
8. Crossback + Knee Drive
9. Crossback + Pistol
10. Foot Cradle Lunges
11. Plyo Foot Cradle Lunge
12. TRX Glute Bridge
13. 1-Leg Glute Bridges
14. Hamstring Curls
15. Reverse Climbers

We recommend that you choose a handful of these moves & perform them for 30-60 seconds each, 3-5 rounds. Your legs will be on fire! 🔥 Which ones are your favorite?

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Want to get the most out of your kettlebell swing workouts? Don't make these common form mistakes! Learn the top 10 worst kettlebell swing mistakes & how to fix them in this detailed tutorial video. This way, you can get all of the benefits kettlebells have to offer...without getting injured. Fat loss expert & master personal trainer Max Barry reveals his top tips, on how to use proper kettlebell swing form. We utilize KB swings in our training program & feel they're the best for fat burning & conditioning. Russian & American swings technique will be covered, too. Watch all 10 of the common mistakes most people make, so that you can benefits from this awesome training tool!

Ok, here's the top 10 worst kettlebell swing mistakes list:

1. Wrong Shoes
2. Stance Is Too Wide
3. The Death Grip
4. Muscling It
5. Squatting
6. Disconnected
7. Not Maintaining Neutral Spine
8. Not Committing
9. Swinging Too Far
10. Improper Movement Progression

Thinking about investing in your own kettlebells?

These are great cast iron kettlebells

These are the best pro style bells

Watch the video for exact details on how to fix these mistakes, so that you can benefit from this awesome exercise & training tool (our personal favorite). Starting with a proper foundation will allow you take full advantage of kettlebells. People often get injured because they don't have their fundementals nailed down. We can fix that 

Let our team of certified personal trainers help you master kettlebell swing & create an effective fat loss plan for you. Simply click the button above to contact us today!

Happy swinging,

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So you're ready to finally lose the extra weight, but not seeing the results you want. It's OK. This is common, without the right plan. That's why we want to share with you these 5 easy weight loss tips, to help you achieve your goals starting right now. Watch the video above for full details, or simply read on...

1. Get A Workout Buddy - It's always more fun together & inevitably one of you may or may not want to workout that day. Text each other, put it in your calendar & get it done. The point is to make it a healthy habit & to have a support team in place, so that you can keep it up! Extra accountability & healthy competition are good things.

2. Eliminate Added Sugar For 30 Days - Banning the white stuff will help you decrease over all calories & make you more aware of what you're putting into your body. Yes, you've got to read food labels! It's a real eye opener. We did a review of the Whole30 Diet & that was one of the elements that we liked about it. 

3. Increase Your N.E.A.T. - Neat is an acronym that stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis. It's a pretty fancy term, but put simply, it's all of the extra movement that adds up at the end of you day that's not conventional exercising. Walking, performing common tasks at work not at your desk, playing with your kids, etc. It really adds up! Little habits create big change. Have you ever noticed that fidgety people are usually thin? They're constantly moving.

4. Start Your Day With Apple Cider Vinegar - It's not a weigh loss miracle cure, but it will help burn fat & suppress your appetite. Read the post below for the full recipe & health benefits. Just make sure the label says raw, organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized.

5. Get More Skin In The Game - You know that spending $10 on a gym isn't much of an investment. You're time is too valuable to waste & time is actually our most precious asset. Spending time & resources on real food, daily learning & hiring a personal trainer are just a few ways to lock in your weight loss success. After all, if what you're doing now was working, you wouldn't be needed to lose the exccess weight. You're worth it, so that you can be the best for YOU & your loved ones.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you're in the Danbury CT area, let me & my team help you create a weight loss plan that's right for you. Simply click on the CONTACT US button below now, so that we can start getting you weight loss results today!

What other tips do you have, that may be helpful to others on their weight loss journey? We love your feedback, so feel free to post any questions of comments below. Be sure to connect with us on social (links below). Thanks for reading & have an awesome day!

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Want to get weight loss results in 2017? Here's 5 easy weight loss tips to start achieving your goals right now!

Take action today...there's never a "perfect time." Besides, if not now, when? Each of these tips has helped our Max's Best Bootcamp clients with losing weight & now we're giving them to you. Sometimes, people tend to over complicate things. We will set you straight! Get ready for those pants to be fitting differently. This is part 1 in this series. It's an unedited live video broadcast. Watch the video above, to get all the details on these 5 actionable tips:

1. Mindset Is Everything
2. Track Your Input/Output
3. Practice Daily Movement
4. Align Your Workouts With Your Goals
5. Hire A Coach

Are you ready to get the weight loss results you've always wanted? Contact us now, so that we can create a customized weight loss plan for you today!

Let us know if you liked these easy weight loss tips & post your comments/questions below. We're here for you!

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Don't bother with these!

Go into any grocery store these days & you'll find isles of them. This particular photo is from Costco the other day.

Do we really need all of these supplements? Do you honestly believe that they're better than what we get from real food? We'd say absolutely not. The fact is, it's human nature to want a quick fix. However, until you are 100 percent honest with yourself, that you're eating a clean diet, there's little to no benefit from any of them. Period. Just eat real food!

The problem is, there's so many people - even well know celebrities - who will say that they too a certain supplement/pill & they lost weight fast. Or that it was a miracle cure for what ailed them. The bottom line is that there's BIG money in supplements. It's not about health at's about the dolla bills y'all! If you want to take control body, to perform at optimum health, let us create a proper meal plan for you. We don't believe in fad diets & get our clients awesome results by showing them exactly what to eat & how to exercise to reach their goals. Contact us today by clicking the CONTACT US button below now:

Do you agree or disagree with our philosophy on supplements? We'd love to know & get your feedback. We're here for you.

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Kick off 2017 right, with this no excuses 4 minute workout! This is a quick workout to burn fat that includes cardio abs exercises. Best part, there's no equipment needed! Bodyweight baby, yeah. Do this quick 4 minute workout routine at home when you're pressed for time - or at the end of your workouts - as a fat burning bodyweight finisher. How many rounds can you do in 4 minutes?

20 Mountain Climbers
1 Pushup
7 Squats

I managed to get 9 rounds done, but am going to try to beat that later today again, less talking, haha! Curious to see how you guys liked this format. Should we make a series of these quick 4 minute bodyweight workout routines?

We love bodyweight exercises at Max's Best Bootcamp. They're a great addition to a solid workout program. For truly effective fat loss, you need a complete system, that will help you reach your goals...we make that happen for our clients & we can push you properly, to get your results faster. Come try a complimentary bootcamp session if you live in the Danbury CT area! Simply click TRY FREE button below to apply.

Thank you & happy new year!

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This 15 minute kettlebell snatch workout mixes KB snatches with bodyweight exercises to melt calories, burn fat & blast your core! You will burn 300 calories in just 15 minutes. Follow along this full length 15 min kettlebell snatch workout video with Master Personal Trainer & Max's Best Bootcamp owner Max Barry. We practice more of a hybrid technique for snatches, which is a mix of crossfit style & professional style. Let's do this!

Perform each pair of these moves back to back in a circuit fashion, with no rest in between. 1a then 1b, 2a then 2b, finally 3a then 3b. The first pair of each combo is KB snatches for 60 seconds (switch arms half way). The 2nd pair is the prescribed bodyweight drill, for 30 seconds. At the end of this circuit, rest for 45 seconds, then repeat 2 more times:

1A) KB Snatch R/L - 60 seconds

1B) Plank Jacks - 30 seconds

2A) KB Snatch R/L - 60 seconds

2B) Plyo Squats - 30 seconds

3A) KB Snatch R/L - 60 seconds

3B) Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds

REST - 45 seconds

If you're considering to invest in your own bells, here's more info on the ones we use in this video & at the bootcamp for snatch workouts:

12kg Cast Iron KB
16kg Cast Iron KB
12kg Pro Style KB (our favorite)
16kg Pro Style KB (our favorite)

KB snatches are a complex yet rewarding exercise. Want a more instructional article? Check out our recent blog post 7 Tips To Kettlebell Snatch Like A Pro or simply click COTACT US (above) to help you with snatches, or any other fitness questions that you have. If you're in the Danbury CT area, we'll even invite you to try a complimentary bootcamp session!

Will you try this routine? If you do, try using your heart rate monitor & see how many calories you burn in just 15 minutes. Snatches typically burn 20 cals per minute. That's why they're know as the mother of all kettlebell exercises. Leave your comments & questions below. We love your feedback. Happy snatching!

~ Max


Snatches are one of the most complex kettlebell exercises there is. They also happen to be great at burning fat & melt 20 calories per minute. Hello! In this post, we're going to give you 7 simple & effective tips to kettlebell snatch like a pro! Watch this kettlebell snatch tutorial video, or read's your guide to mastering the technique of this awesome KB move. We'll break down everything you need to know - starting from which kettlebells to use, how to fix common form mistakes, drills to practice & more.


  There's a ton of KB's on the market. We've tried many of them, but these are our favorite brands (list below) which are a great value & investment. The professional style is what we highly recommend for snatches & all other kettlebell exercises.

12kg Cast Iron KB
16kg Cast Iron KB
12kg Pro Style KB (our favorite)
16kg Pro Style KB (our favorite)


  Start with your feet about shoulder width apart, then feel free to adjust them a bit wider if you prefer. As you can see in the video, Kelly likes to coach it with the 2 thumbs method. Both will work. The biggest mistake we see if folks going way too wide. This will limit your stability & decrease your hip power.


  The backswing should look exactly like the backswing when your standard KB swings. Arm connected to the body, neutral spine,  bell high & tight to the inner upper thigh.


  Keep the arm connected to the body all the way through until your hip is almost fully extended. Drive the kettlebell off you body with your hip power, then pull up & punch the bell up at the top. Snatch arm bicep should be in line with your ear, at the top. 


   There are many techniques on this portion. We like to let the bell cascade - from over head to shoulder hight - with a slight twist in the wrist & let it descend close to your body. From there, immediately initiate your backswing.


  Watch us in the video here, and/or watch other master of the kettlebell snatch, to see how each of the form elements are practiced for optimum efficiency. Instead of focusing on all of the pieces, chose one to work on each day & use a lighter bell to practice it. It will not happen over night, but it will happen with repetition...enjoy the journey!


  Swings - Master your swings with various weights & repetitions first. Since the kettlebell snatch is base on a solid swing foundation, without it, it's pointless, even harmful to attempt.

  High Pull - Swinging high pulls help with the second lift aka the "pulling" portion of the snatch. See the video for exact details on this one. It's a great way to feel what it's like to make the bell "weightless" before you punch it overhead. The swing to high pull drill works great!

  Dumbbell Snatch - What, dumbbells? Yes, I know this is a kettlebell snatch guide, but DB snatches are way simpler to master & are also super effective! They also burn up to 20 calories per minute & we utilize them often in bootcamp, too.

  Lighter Bells - It can be a bit humbling, but using a much lighter weight is always helpful, when learning new movements. We need to train smart, so be wise & start off light.


We'd love your feedback. Do you have any ideas for future blog posts? Are you new to snatches? Want to be coached by our team of certified personal trainers...come try a complimentary bootcamp session with us!

The kettlebell snatch is know as the best kettlebell exercises, because it burns about 20 calories per minute & how effective they are for fat loss & conditioning. Form is key, so feel free to come back to this post as you're progressing. Happy snatching!

~ Max


These are the best TRX abs exercises for lean toned core! Sculpt your abdominals, lower abdomen & get a flat stomach with the 15 best suspension training exercises for abs. In this video, we're using the WOSS suspension trainer, but you can use the TRX, Olympic Rings, Jungle Gym, or any other trainers that you have access to. Here's a list of the moves to add into your trx ab workouts & the exact model we're using:

WOSS Titan Model 75% cheaper than TRX

1. Power Pull
2. Touch & Reach
3. Ab Rollouts
4. Plank
5. Plank Press Aways
6. Plank Saw
7. Pikes
8. Plank Knee Tuck
9. Side To Side Knee Tucks
10. Mountain Climbers
11. Cross Climbers
12. Side Plank
13. Side Plank Thrust
14. Side Plank & Reach
15. Scorpions

Oh yesss, those abs are already looking a little tighter & flatter for sure! Want to really get rid of belly fat? Come join us at Max's Best Bootcamp. We take the guesswork out of your fitness journey & all fitness levels are welcome. Simply click on the TRY FREE button below, to apply for your complimentary boot camp training session...

Which ones of these 15 TRX suspension trainer ab exercises will you add into your next core workout? Got questions about them, or ideas for future videos? Post them below in the comments section. We love your feedback :)

~ Max