Want to banish your muffin top? Try these 5 best exercises to get rid of love handles. Each love handle exercise is demonstrated for proper form in this video. All of the moves are listed below...

  1.  Twisters
  2. Snatches
  3. Everest Sliders
  4. Brazilian Planks
  5. Kettlebell Pullthrough

Utilizing them, in combination with a proper nutrition plan will get you great results. Come try a session with us sometime...we incorporate these best love handle exercises & many more!

We hope you found these helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email or call anytime.

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Quick total body blast! This 10 minute TRX full body workout is intense. You'll be sweating & breathless in just 10 minutes. Follow along this full length TRX workout video & transform your body fast.

Here are the exercises in this routine:

1. Crossback R/L
2. Reverse Fly
3. Plyo Squats
4. Power Pull
5. Plank Knee Tuck

Progressions are shown, to challenge different fitness levels. Get ready for a challenge!

Like this 10 minute TRX full body workout? Let us know in the comments...your feedback is important. We're here for you. Plus, if you're in the Danbury CT area, come join us for a TRX bootcamp session!

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Lauren crushed her weight loss goals! She lost 13 pounds & shed 5 inches off of her waist and hips in six weeks.

Her before and after results are awesome. She achieved them in our Max's Best Bootcamp 6 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program. Lauren shares her experience in this video.

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Accountability, unlimited bootcamp training, unlimited meal plan access, unlimited coaching & weekly weigh-ins are all included in our 6 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program. She just joined up as a full member now, too. Let's show her some love! 

JUMP ROPE VS RUNNING FOR FAT LOSS | 7 Reasons Why Jump Rope May Be Better For Fat Loss

Jump rope vs running. Both are great for cardio...but which is better for fat loss? Learn 7 reasons why you may want to consider jumping rope in your next cardio workout session. 

1. High Calorie Burn - Both jump rope and running are great for torching calories & fat burning. But if you're a slow runner & you're intensity is higher while jumping ropes, you'll burn more calories with jrope.

2. Impact - Treadmill and road running are extremely high impact on the knees, back & joints. Because we JR on our toes, it's automatically less impact on our bodies. 

3. Fun Factor - There's only 1 way to run & dozens to JR. We incorporate fat burning cardio drills like JR and dozens more in our Max's Best Bootcamp workouts. Come try a session with us!

4. Environment - Weather can hamper your outdoor running & we know how bad treadmill work is. JR is more portable, so it's on rain or shine, in even a small space.

5. Time Efficient - Time is our most precious asset, so if we can reap higher fat loss in a shorter time, it's a no brainer. Jump rope is more effective at moderate to higher intensities.

6. Improves Core & Posture - You can run with bad posture, but you can skip rope with it. JR trains our body to stay more upright & is more demanding on our core.

7. Makes You Smarter - Yep, studies show that because JR incorporates all the muscles in our body & left and right brain functions, it will actually make you smarter. 

So to answer the debate of jump rope vs running for fat loss, JR wins! What do you think? Do you love running or JR?

If you want to lose weight, burn fat & have fun doing it...let us create a simple effective fitness plan that's perfect for you. Contact us now, to get your results started today!

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*Clients and results are real. Results may vary.

This couple crushed their weight loss goals! Combined they lost 33 pounds in 42 days, in Max's Best Bootcamp 6 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program. Their before and after results are awesome & they share exactly how they did it in this video. Want to get your results started? Apply for your spot today

Accountability, unlimited bootcamp training, unlimited meal plan access, unlimited coaching & weekly weigh-ins are all included in our 6 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program. Doing it as a couple was key for Michelle & Kel. Let's show them some love & if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

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*Clients and results are real. Results may vary.

Want to banish back fat? These are the 5 best TRX exercises for back fat loss. Learn what they are & how to perform them properly in this youtube live tutorial. Which one is your favorite? Are there any we missed? Join the conversation in the comments! 💪😅

5 Best TRX Exercises To Banish Back Fat

1. Low Rows
2. 1-Arm Rows
3. Facepull
4. Reverse Fly
5. Power Pull

To truly burn back fat, combining these moves along with proper nutrition is the key. Let us create a custom fitness and meal plan program that will get you the results you've been searching for. Learn more about our programs today! 

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*Clients and results are real. Results may vary.

Q. What are the best exercises for back & arms?

A. Kettlebell rows all the way!

That's right...simple & effective...and all you need is a single or pair of kettlebells. Watch the above video on how to properly perform kettlebell rows. These 3 kettlebell row variations are the best exercises for your back and arms. You'll learn key technique tips & ways you can utilize single and double kettlebells for each move in this video.

1. KB 1-Arm Staggered Stance Row
2. KB Machine Gun Rows
3. KB Renegade Rows

We recommend picking one of these 3 variations, and adding them into your workouts. 30-60 seconds each, 3-5 sets. Want an easier way to incorporate these & so many more of the most effective fat burning exercises? Join us for a Max's Best Bootcamp session. You're first visit is on us...apply today!

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All 5 of these standing cardio abs exercises will fire up your core & send your heart rate pumping! Progressions are shown for each move. They range from basic to complex. Watch the video for a detailed look at each one. See below on how to incorporate them into your workouts.


We recommend that you add these standing up cardio abs exercises into your workouts for 30-60 seconds each. Choose 1 move per workout & incorporate them in between other drills. Even better, come try a session with us! We'll create an exercise & diet plan that will get you fast lasting results.  Apply for your trial session today.

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Want a tight strong core? Try this Landmine battle ropes exercise for abs. It's 3x more effective than sit-ups & crunches...and way more fun! Learn exactly how to perform this abs killer, in this post. We share 5 tips & tricks to master this drill, so that you can start incorporating it into your rope workouts. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy the burn! 🔥😅👍

5 Tips & Tricks To Master Landmines

battle ropes exercises abs

1. BENEFITS - Strengthen you six pack abdominals, obliques (love handles) and lower back. High calorie burn & great for fat loss, too.

2. GRIP - Bottoms up grip. Barrel hold both, or one in each hand if you have smaller hands.

3. STANCE - Feet just outside shoulder width apart. This is your power position & should feel very stable. Feet grounded, but will pivot as you rotate.


4. POSTURE - Knees should remain bent throughout the movement. Stick you butt out & lean forward. This is commonly referred to as an athletic stance. Be sure to not lean backwards, nor hunch your back/shoulders.

5. PROGRESSIONS- Start with a single 1.5 inch battle rope. Then use both handles. A longer rope will also increase the intensity. We're using 50 foot ropes at our training facility. Next would be a larger rope, at 2 inches wide. Finally, you can travel forwards & backwards with this drill.

This is one of the dozens of battle ropes exercises that we utilize, to get our clients awesome results. Let us create a fitness & nutrition program that's perfect for you!  Have you ever used the ropes before? Did we miss one of your favorites? We love your feedback.

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It's fig season! Wondering what to do with them? Try these 3 fresh fig recipes. All super simple & under 100 calories! Learn how to create these delicious 100 calorie fig recipes in this live video. Keep reading for the ingredients below. We love mission fig varieties. Which fresh figs are your favorite?

  1. FROZEN FIG POPS - Couldn't be easier...or more delicious. It's like guilt-free fig ice cream. 1 ingredient, fresh figs! Simply cut off the end & insert popsicle stick. Freeze at least for 4 hours & enjoy. 3 figs = 100 calories.
  2. CREAMY BALSAMIC FIG DRESSING - Blend 3 fresh figs, 1 Tbsp cream cheese (we used Kite Hill dairy free cream cheese spread), 3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar. Pinch of sea salt & pepper. Enjoy over your favorite salad, or as a tasty dip. Serves 2, 100 calories per serving.
  3. LOW CARB CUCUMBER SANDWICHES - Peel & slice 6 large discs of an english cucumber. Add a small dollop of cream cheese (Kite Hill again) onto each one. Then add 1/2 of a fresh fig on the cheese. Finally, chop up 2 slices of prosciutto & add on top of the figs. Makes 2 servings, 100 calories each. This is a great appetizer for dinner parties!

These sure are delicious. Eating the right amount of healthy foods, will allow you to reach your goals. Nothing beats a solid nutrition & fitness plan. Let us create one that will get you fast results. Learn more today.

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