100 calorie recipes


It's fig season! Wondering what to do with them? Try these 3 fresh fig recipes. All super simple & under 100 calories! Learn how to create these delicious 100 calorie fig recipes in this live video. Keep reading for the ingredients below. We love mission fig varieties. Which fresh figs are your favorite?

  1. FROZEN FIG POPS - Couldn't be easier...or more delicious. It's like guilt-free fig ice cream. 1 ingredient, fresh figs! Simply cut off the end & insert popsicle stick. Freeze at least for 4 hours & enjoy. 3 figs = 100 calories.
  2. CREAMY BALSAMIC FIG DRESSING - Blend 3 fresh figs, 1 Tbsp cream cheese (we used Kite Hill dairy free cream cheese spread), 3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar. Pinch of sea salt & pepper. Enjoy over your favorite salad, or as a tasty dip. Serves 2, 100 calories per serving.
  3. LOW CARB CUCUMBER SANDWICHES - Peel & slice 6 large discs of an english cucumber. Add a small dollop of cream cheese (Kite Hill again) onto each one. Then add 1/2 of a fresh fig on the cheese. Finally, chop up 2 slices of prosciutto & add on top of the figs. Makes 2 servings, 100 calories each. This is a great appetizer for dinner parties!

These sure are delicious. Eating the right amount of healthy foods, will allow you to reach your goals. Nothing beats a solid nutrition & fitness plan. Let us create one that will get you fast results. Learn more today.

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