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To get the nation into better shape, it's got to start at a local level. That's why we partnered up with Lululemon Athletica, to give a free workout to our community. Danbury Connecticut residents were in for a treat, when Max's Best Bootcamp and Lululemon hosted this free boot camp workout series called Summer Sweat Saturday together at Kenosia Park. The workout was lead by yours truly, master personal trainer Max Barry. Everyone got sweaty, toned up, tanned up, and summer body ready! 

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It was a 60 minute boot camp workout by the water at Kenosia Park, in Danbury CT. Get a glimpse of what it was like to be there in this highlights video! It started with partner exercises, then the main routine included bodyweight, cardio, abs, and resistance bands to work those glutes & total body...what a fun day!

HIIT and circuit training are the most effective routines for fat loss and conditioning. Try some of these boot-camp workout ideas at your gym or outside with your workout buddy! Better yet, if you live in the area, come try them with us at our clean & spacious facility. Which ones have you tried? Which exercises do you think will burn the most?

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Intense 20 minute bootcamp workout with kettlebell, cardio & abs exercises! PART 2 in this boot camp workout routine series. Total body fat burning bootcamp workouts designed to melt calories & get you toned up fast. All you need for this boot camp circuit is one kettlebell. The miniband is optional, but definitely adds some extra resistance, which is always good. This full length circuit is 6 exercises, 3 rounds, 20 minutes of total body fat burning awesomeness. Here's a list of the moves below...

Best Mininbands
Best Kettlebells

1. Touch Jacks
2. KB Plank Pullthrough
3. KB Deadlift
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Miniband In & Out Squats
6. KBSDLHP/Low Heel Click
Rest 60 seconds in between each round.

These are the kind of workouts we do at Max's Best Bootcamp here in Danbury CT with our clients, to get them awesome results fast. We also utilize cool training tools like battle ropes, sandbags & more. Come join us for your complimentary boot camp session today...simply click TRY FREE to apply now. All fitness levels are welcome!

What was your favorite move in this routine? Do you have any ideas for future video blog posts? Your feedback is important to us. Share this with a friend, comment below & as always, have an awesome day!

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Fat burning bootcamp workout routine with kettlebell, cardio and abs exercises! This 20 minute boot camp workout melts calories & burns fat fast. Get ready for a fun & intense circuit workout with Max & Maria. All you need for this routine is one kettlebell. Mini band is optional. Here's a list of the exercises in this killer boot camp circuit:

Get Your Mininbands
Best Kettlebells (like Max's)

1. Twisters
2. Plank Hand Tap
3. KB Goblet Squats
4. Plank Jacks (miniband optional)
5. Sprinter Lunges (R/L)
6. 4 X 4 Kettlebell Swing/Cross Climbers

Perform each move for 50 seconds, rest 15 seconds in between each exercise, then 60 seconds rest in between rounds. Complete 3 rounds total.

Special shout out to Mariah for being in this video with us! Check out her Instagram @freshwaterpeaches & blog 🍑

Have you ever tried a boot camp style workout before? You'd be surprised what you can do! If you're in the Danbury CT area, let me & my team of certified personal trainers create a fitness plan that will get you results fast. Simply click on CONTACT US button & we'll get you on track today! 

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