Top Jump Rope Benefits

Jumping rope for a few minutes a day:

  1. Strengthens your glutes, legs and calve muscles

  2. Burns more fat and calories that typical cardio

  3. Boosts your mood

  4. Improves heart and brain function

  5. Increases coordination

  6. Makes your bones denser

Did you know all of these?

We hope you found this helpful! We incorporate jump rope into our training programs at Max’s Best Bootcamp. Come try your free session today!

~ Max & Team MBB

5 MINUTE WARM UP CARDIO WORKOUT | Dynamic Warm Up Before Your Cardio Workout, Running, HIIT, Weights

Quick 5 minute warm up routine that will get your blood flowing & heart rate pumping! Do this dynamic warmup before your cardio workout, running, HIIT or weights session. No equipment bodyweight exercises & stretches that will warm up your entire body. Demonstrated by Fat Loss expert, Max Barry, owner of Max's Best Bootcamp. We have a YouTube video series dedicated to 10 minute cardio workout routines (link below). Here's a list of the best warm up exercises in this video:

1. Fast Feet/High Knees/Jumping Jacks
2. Walkout Pushups
3. Buttkickers
4. World's Greatest Stretch
5. Touch Jacks
6. Crawl (Forward/Backward)
7.Sprinter Lunge + Knee Drive (R/L)
8. 2x4 Spider Plank/Plyo Squat

Static stretches are old school warm ups that are not as good for you, as you may think. Studies show that dynamic warm-ups like this 5 min circuit will prepare your body more efficiently & help prevent injury. They will also burn fat & calories, before you even start your main cardio workout, HIIT, running, or weights at the gym.

Are you stuck in the old school, still doing static stretches? Try this dynamic routine instead!