cardio workout


Super quick & effective fat burning mini band workout. Follow along this 10 minute miniband workout routine! It includes cardio, abs & glutes exercises. You will be feeling the burn! Warmup is also included in this video. Let's do this!

1 Minute Warmup

1. Walkout Pushups
2. Speed Squats

mini band plyo squats


Resistance Mini Band Workout Routine

1. MB Runners
2. MB Plank Jacks
3. MB Lateral Shuffle
4. MB 3 x 1 Plyo Squat/Sprawl

Follow along in real time with us! Perform each move for 50 seconds, followed bt a quick 15 seconds rest period, before going to the next exercise. Once you complete all 4 loop bands moves in the circuit, repeat them one more time. You will be breathless & sweaty in just 10 minutes!

We shot this mini band workout video on Facebook Live. How do you like these live follow along workout videos? We love incorporating these mini band exercises into our Max's Best Bootcamp workouts. If you're in the Danbury CT area, come join us for an awesome fat burning session. Click LEARN MORE to apply today. We will help you create a simple effective diet & exercise plan that will get you results, whether you're in the area, or across the globe! 

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Fat burning partner workout. 9 moves. No equipment. 10 minutes of non-stop partner exercises that are easy to follow & highly effective for fat loss! Cardio and abs partner workouts are the best. Grab a buddy & enjoy this routine anywhere anytime!

Here's the list of partner exercises in this video:

1. 4 x 1 Toe Tap/Drop
2. Walkout Fives
3. Toe Tap/Reverse Lunges (R/L) 
4. Superhero Planks
5. Targets (A/B) 
6. Plank Toe Taps
7. Crossback + Knee Drive (R/L) 
8. Crab Toe Touch
9. Hi-Low Fives 

Follow along this no equipment partner workout with Max & Jess. This whole routine, as shown, is 10 minutes long. Feel free to perform 1-4 rounds total. If you're doing multiple rounds, take 1 minute breaks in between each round. We include these partner exercises & so many more to get awesome results for our members. Come join us for a fat melting group training session, so that we can get create a custom fitness plan that will accelerate your results fast...simply click the TRY FREE button below to apply for your complimentary session today!

Which were your favorites drills? Do you have any exercises that we missed, that you do with your buddy? Leave your ideas & questions in the comment section. 

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~ Max

5 MINUTE WARM UP CARDIO WORKOUT | Dynamic Warm Up Before Your Cardio Workout, Running, HIIT, Weights

Quick 5 minute warm up routine that will get your blood flowing & heart rate pumping! Do this dynamic warmup before your cardio workout, running, HIIT or weights session. No equipment bodyweight exercises & stretches that will warm up your entire body. Demonstrated by Fat Loss expert, Max Barry, owner of Max's Best Bootcamp. We have a YouTube video series dedicated to 10 minute cardio workout routines (link below). Here's a list of the best warm up exercises in this video:

1. Fast Feet/High Knees/Jumping Jacks
2. Walkout Pushups
3. Buttkickers
4. World's Greatest Stretch
5. Touch Jacks
6. Crawl (Forward/Backward)
7.Sprinter Lunge + Knee Drive (R/L)
8. 2x4 Spider Plank/Plyo Squat

Static stretches are old school warm ups that are not as good for you, as you may think. Studies show that dynamic warm-ups like this 5 min circuit will prepare your body more efficiently & help prevent injury. They will also burn fat & calories, before you even start your main cardio workout, HIIT, running, or weights at the gym.

Are you stuck in the old school, still doing static stretches? Try this dynamic routine instead!