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These are the top 5 kettlebell deadlift variations. Each one of them has it's own unique benefits! Proper form and technique are key, to maximizing your results...

  1. 1. Conventional Kettlebell Deadlift
  2. Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift
  3. Suitcase Kettlebell Deadlifts
  4. B-Stance Kettlebell Deadlifts
  5. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


Blast your glutes with these 3 highly effective band exercises. If you want to tone & lift your booty, then definitely check out these mini band moves. Add them into your glute workouts today. Your gluteus maximus will thank you!

Best Minibands (set of 3)

3 Best Glute Exercises With Bands

  1. Thick Band Plyo Squats - Use one thick band or double up with thinner ones. Place miniband just above the knees, perform plyo squats or go without the jump if that's too much impact.
  2. Miniband Runner - Use a lighter resistance & loop band under/over your feet. Keep your feet flexed straight forward, as you run in place. If you get tired, continue marching it out.
  3. Resistance Band Plank Jacks - Use medium bands for this booty abs blaster. Place it just above the knee, just like the plyo squats exercise. Get into plank position & work the legs in & out, like a jumping jack. This one move will burn fat, strengthen your core, tone your inner thighs & lift your booty.

Try doing 10-30 reps of each move, or 30-60 seconds each in circuits. You will be feeling the burn right away with these 3 moves! We incorporate these & dozens more in our Max's Best Bootcamp group training sessions. If you're in the Danbury CT are, come join us for a complimentary session.💪

Which of these 3 glute lifters were your favorite? Want to see more quick exercise tips like this? We'd love your feedback!

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GLUTES EXERCISE TUTORIAL | 8 Best Buttocks Exercises To Lift & Tone Your Booty

This is your complete glutes exercise guide! Learn exactly how to properly perform the top 8 glutes exercises to lift & tone your booty. Both weighted & bodyweight variations of the best buttocks exercises are shown in detail. Form techniques, as well as how to incorporate them into your glute workouts are demonstrated. These are the ultimate gluteus maximus exercises for women and men alike. Form & technique tips throughout the entire video, by Master Personal Trainer, Max Barry. Enjoy the buttlift YouTube! 

This is a good affordable kettlebell, like we're using in this video

Here's a list of the best butt exercises in the order shown:

1. Donkey Kicks
2. Glute Bridge
3. Step Ups on Box
4. Kettlebell Swings
5. Planks
6. Deadlifts
7. Squats
8. Lunges

We perform these variations at Max's Best bootcamp all the time. If you want to build a better booty, give these a shot! Which ones are your most or least favorite?