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couple lost 43 pounds in 42 days at bootcamp

Combined this couple lost a whopping 43 pounds in 6 weeks at Max's Best Bootcamp. They share their amazing weight loss results in this video interview. Also, since Scott lost over 20 pounds in six weeks, he won a trip for 2 to Vegas. If he's smart, he'll take his beautiful wife Tara, right?! That's one of the additional perks of the 6 week transformation program. He actually lost 29.6 pounds in 42 days, which is a new record!

Results like this are inspiring, especially when you hear about how simple it was. They trained consistently with us & followed the meal plan. The fact is, they wanted a change in their life & they made it happen! No more yo-yo diets, or fad fitness products or supplements for them.

We hope their story inspires you to take action. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Are you ready to get your results started? Call, email, or click try free above, to get your weight loss journey on the right track now. 

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Want to banish your muffin top? Try these 5 best exercises to get rid of love handles. Each love handle exercise is demonstrated for proper form in this video. All of the moves are listed below...

  1.  Twisters
  2. Snatches
  3. Everest Sliders
  4. Brazilian Planks
  5. Kettlebell Pullthrough

Utilizing them, in combination with a proper nutrition plan will get you great results. Come try a session with us sometime...we incorporate these best love handle exercises & many more!

We hope you found these helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email or call anytime.

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