15 BEST TRX EXERCISES FOR ARMS | TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises For Toned Arms, Shoulders, Back

These are the only TRX exercises for arms you need for a lean toned upper body! Sculpt your ams, back, chest & shoulders with the best 15 suspension training arms exercises. In this video, we're using the WOSS suspension trainer, but you can use the TRX, Olympic Rings, Jungle Gym, or any other trainers that you have access to. Here's a list of the moves:

1. Pushups
2. Atomic Pushups
3. Bicep Curls
4. Tricep Extensions
5. Hi Row
6. Low Row
7. 1-Arm Row
8. Letter W
9. Letter T
10. Letter Y
11. Letter I
12. Power Pull
13. Touch & Reach
14. Pullups
15. Burpees

We weeded out all of the non-sense, to bring you the only TRX exercises you need for sexy arms, shoulders & back. Enjoy!

15 MINUTE TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER WORKOUT | Intense Total Body Suspension Training (WOSS, TRX, Rings)

Intense 15 minute TRX workout. 2 rounds, 6 exercises, one killer total body suspension training circuit! This is a full length routine that will get your heart rate cranking & melt calories all in just 15 minutes. We’re using the WOSS suspension trainer, but you can use TRX, Olympic Rings, Jungle Gym, or any other suspension trainer you have access to. Here’s a list of the exercises & the exact model we’re using in this video:

WOSS Suspension Trainer “Titan" (Black) http://amzn.to/2fRBcKw

1. Plyo Squats
2. Tricep Extensions
3. Side Skaters
4. Hi-Low Rows
5. Crossback/Pistol (R/L)
6. Burpees

Perform each of these TRX exercises in a circuit 50 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. At the end of each round, take a 1 minute break, then repeat again, making this a total-body 15 minute suspension training workout.

Have you ever tried doing a TRX workout?

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