Best Oil, Vinegar & Salad Bar Options - Whole Foods Market tour (PART 4) where you will learn how to shop for weight loss & optimum health. Understand which foods and grocery products are best, when on a weight loss diet. This is episode 4 in a 5 part video series, created by Max's Best Bootcamp & Whole Foods Market. This episode focuses on the best oil, vinegars & salad bar options, in the Danbury CT store. Healthy fats, vinegars & salads can all work well for losing weight, but there are advantages & disadvantages to specific ones over others. We break it down for you!

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You know that eating salads is key for healthy weight loss, but are you doing it right? Many times, our clients say that they're eating pretty well, mostly salads. Truth is, that salad may taste great, but it's loaded up with so many additional goodies, that it's probably 2-3x the amount of calories it should be! Base it on tons of leafy greens, add 1 serving (4-6 ounces) of roasted or grilled protein (meat, chicken, fish) and top with 1 tbsp oil & vinegar of choice.

Which oil is best for you salad? Rule of thumb: use extra virgin olive oil for raw applications (like salads, dips, etc) and coconut oil everywhere else. You see, coconut oil has a higher smoking point, because it's a saturated fat. But Max. isn't that a "bad" fat? Nope, that's been totally debunked. Some of the latest studies from the AHA have folks asking "is coconut oil healthy?" They must really be desparate for press, because that new finding was based on old research, that only showed a discrepancy in cholesterol. While in some cases, LDL went up, in most all cases, HDL went up - the good kind! Especially when combined with a proper fitness program 💪

Make sure your apple cider vinegar label says these 4 things! Raw, organic, unfiltered, unrefined.

Make sure your apple cider vinegar label says these 4 things! Raw, organic, unfiltered, unrefined.

As far as vinegars go, apple cider vinegar is a great food for weight loss & gut health. It doesn't taste too great though, so consider consuming it on its own, diluted with water 1-4x per day. Otherwise, for salads opt for 1-3 tbsp of red wine or balsamic vinegar. Looks for lower calorie, no-added sugar on the label. If you're a balsamic vinegar freak like me, that could mean saving 50-100 calories per salad. Freshly squeezed lemon juice also has some great health benefits & works well here too.

We hope this helped you discover new insight & knowledge into what's available at Whole Foods Market, or wherever it is that you do your shopping. Have any other questions? Post them below & have an awesome day!

~ Max