Blast your glutes with these 3 highly effective band exercises. If you want to tone & lift your booty, then definitely check out these mini band moves. Add them into your glute workouts today. Your gluteus maximus will thank you!

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3 Best Glute Exercises With Bands

  1. Thick Band Plyo Squats - Use one thick band or double up with thinner ones. Place miniband just above the knees, perform plyo squats or go without the jump if that's too much impact.
  2. Miniband Runner - Use a lighter resistance & loop band under/over your feet. Keep your feet flexed straight forward, as you run in place. If you get tired, continue marching it out.
  3. Resistance Band Plank Jacks - Use medium bands for this booty abs blaster. Place it just above the knee, just like the plyo squats exercise. Get into plank position & work the legs in & out, like a jumping jack. This one move will burn fat, strengthen your core, tone your inner thighs & lift your booty.

Try doing 10-30 reps of each move, or 30-60 seconds each in circuits. You will be feeling the burn right away with these 3 moves! We incorporate these & dozens more in our Max's Best Bootcamp group training sessions. If you're in the Danbury CT are, come join us for a complimentary session.💪

Which of these 3 glute lifters were your favorite? Want to see more quick exercise tips like this? We'd love your feedback!

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3 super simple inner thigh exercises, using 1 kettlebell. Learn exactly how to perform these slimming kettlebell exercises for inner thighs, in this live streaming tutorial video. If you want toned inner thighs, you need to add these 3 moves into your thigh workouts!

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3 Slimming Kettlebell Exercises For Inner Thighs:

1) KB Sumo Deadlift - Start with a wide stance. Your knees out, toes out 45 degrees. Kettlebell right underneath your body. Sit down into it, and squeeze your glutes tight as you stand up.

2) KB Touch Jacks - Start just like the KB sumo deadlift, but then jump the feet in together & stand up tall at the top. Great fat burning affect with these!

3) KB Plank Jacks - Start in a plank position, hands on the kettlebell, handle off the ground. Jump the feet in & out, while keeping your core tight. Fat burning inner thighs & abs with this one!

We recommend that you add these into your thigh/leg workouts for 10-20 reps or 30-60 seconds each, as a circuit. Which ones are your favorite? Which ones did we miss?

Are you in the Danbury CT area & want to sculpt & tone your whole body, including your inner thighs?

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Struggling with fitness motivation? These 6 secret fitness tips will help! Workout motivation comes from progress & results. They're ultimately what will keep you motivated to workout. Now some of these tips may not seem all that secret, but they are absolutely the secret to your success. They've worked for hundreds of our boot camp clients & we challenge you to exercise them today. Here's the list of each one. Be sure to watch the video full the full breakdown...

1. Put Down Your Phone - The average American now spends 4.7 hours on their phone each day. CDC studies show that 70% are overweight or obese. Only 20% achieve their daily minimum requirements. Put down your phone for 30-60 minutes & go workout!

2. Put It In Your Calendar - Ok, you will need to pick up your phone for this one, haha. When you make a doctors appointment, do you put it in your phone's calendar? Yes, of course. And do you make it to the appointment. Yes, again...do this for your workouts, too.

3. Consistency Is Key - Going all out for 7 days in a row, then missing a week of workouts won't get you results. They come with consistency over time.

4. Get A Workout Buddy - One of the biggest trends we've seen at Max's Best Bootcamp lately is partners, friends, couples signing up together. They don' always workout at the same times, but it's a great way to add support & accountability to your training.

5. Set Attainable Goals - Losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks is possible, but usually when we try extreme things, they backfire. In this case the weight usually comes right back on. Set achievable short, medium & long term goals for yourself. If you're not sure what an realistic goal would be, just email me & I'll be happy to help you with that.

6. Choose A Fun & Effective Workout - If you don't love your workout program, then there's no way you'll keep it up. Our bootcamp members love that we challenge them & but also that we push together properly, to get awesome results consistently! We'd be happy to have you as our guest...come try a complimentary boot camp session today. Get ready to start getting results fast! Click the TRY FREE button below to apply now...

Which of these tips did you find most helpful? What other fitness tips have helped you stay motivated?

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Want to get the most out of your kettlebell swing workouts? Don't make these common form mistakes! Learn the top 10 worst kettlebell swing mistakes & how to fix them in this detailed tutorial video. This way, you can get all of the benefits kettlebells have to offer...without getting injured. Fat loss expert & master personal trainer Max Barry reveals his top tips, on how to use proper kettlebell swing form. We utilize KB swings in our training program & feel they're the best for fat burning & conditioning. Russian & American swings technique will be covered, too. Watch all 10 of the common mistakes most people make, so that you can benefits from this awesome training tool!

Ok, here's the top 10 worst kettlebell swing mistakes list:

1. Wrong Shoes
2. Stance Is Too Wide
3. The Death Grip
4. Muscling It
5. Squatting
6. Disconnected
7. Not Maintaining Neutral Spine
8. Not Committing
9. Swinging Too Far
10. Improper Movement Progression

Thinking about investing in your own kettlebells?

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Watch the video for exact details on how to fix these mistakes, so that you can benefit from this awesome exercise & training tool (our personal favorite). Starting with a proper foundation will allow you take full advantage of kettlebells. People often get injured because they don't have their fundementals nailed down. We can fix that 

Let our team of certified personal trainers help you master kettlebell swing & create an effective fat loss plan for you. Simply click the button above to contact us today!

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